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Items Accepted at Community Collection Events or Drives

We only accept these items at our Community Collection Events:



Computer Towers

TVS both flat screen and old tube style

Monitors both flat screen and old tube style

Computer Printers

We accept many more items if delivered directly to our plant in Brewer Maine. Our Community Collection Events or Drives are meant to be fund raisers and are staffed by volunteers. At this time we can only offer a limited number of items that we can recycle at these free events.  We hope to expand the number of items for next years events. Please call us with any questions that your may have about what will be accepted.

Electronics End Is Your E-Waste Solution

We offer an E-Waste Management Service with an objective of providing an eco-friendly solution for your residents, businesses, hospitals, schools and municipalities.  Let us design and implement a program specifically for your needs that will control your Universal Waste and Electronic Waste streams.  Our professional team has worked with many towns and organizations to help them stay in compliance and reduce their total cost.  E-Waste is the fastest growing section of the waste stream and Electronics End can help you get in front of this expanding expense.  New technology is making current electronic items obsolete at a faster pace.  The proper disposal of these items due to their toxicity and complexity is becoming a growing concern.

Why We Shouldn’t Throw Electronics Into Landfills

Lead, mercury, cadmium, and brominated flame retardants are among the substances of concern in electronics. If the products are not properly managed at the end of their life cycle it can cause environmental problems in the city the items are disposed in.  Old electronics can be taken apart and the metals can be refined so we don’t have to mine   the virgin ore at a much greater cost and with a larger carbon footprint. Dumping electronics in landfills deprive recycling facilities the ability to recover metals and introduce harmful toxic elements in the environment. Consumers of electronics can make a big difference in how much e waste ends up in landfills with just a little effort in applying the old (3 Rs) reduce, reuse, and recycle adage. Recycling rates for electronics are improving and we thank you for doing your part.